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Thursday, 20 February 2014


SEARCH ENGINE  is a tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web. Search engines use keywords entered by users to find Web sites which contain the information sought.

SEO is a process of trying to get higher ranking from the Search Engine.
Focused exclusively on attracting the natural or organic listing

The process of structuring a web page so that it is  found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective manner possible.

The process of modifying a website to increase its ranking in organic / crawler-based listings of search engines.

This process improved webpage so their rank higher in search engines for our target keyword.

Successful search helps this site gain top positioning in the search engines results pages of search engines such as Google,Yahoo and MSN for relevant words and phrases.

Two terms of SEO  
On Page                          
Always start with keyword selection, research
Title tag
Meta Description tag
Keyword tag
Canonical tag
H1 tags
Image Optimization
Internal Links
Keyword density
Keyword proximity
Site maps
Robot tag
Expect results in 6-12 months

Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Blog Creation
Forum posting
Article submission
Press Release
Search engine submission
Classifieds submission
W3 Validation

On Page Optimisation

Meta Tags Optimisation
Title tags 
- must have keywords in title to be ranked no. 1
- should have the exact keyword you use for the page
- every single web page must have its own title tag
- you can use up to 60-65 characters.
Example :


Meta description tags 
- displayed below the title in search results
- use dynamic, promotional language
- use keywords, not more than 150-155 characters
      <meta name= "description" content=“Softpro is a Computer Training institute in mumbai which provide various courses at cheap rate." />

Meta keywords tags 

- no longer carry weight with major SEs

a myth that meta keywords alone affect rankings

<meta name="keywords" content=“Softpro is a Computer training institute in mumbai. />
         Canonical Tags

       Duplicate content can often be a problem for SEOs that deal with large websites that have many different URLs. Implementing canonical tags on pages with duplicate content can impact your sites organic performance positively and eliminate any potential confusion from search engines indexing your website wrong.

<link rel="canonical" href=">

H1 Tags

Header tags are an important on-page SEO factor because they’re used to communicate to the search engines what your website is about
<h1>H1, H2 and H3 Header Tags for SEO</h1>

Furthur Will Continue ...
That Will Contain Image Optimization
Internal Links and Lots More.

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Top 7 Strange Baby Born in the World

The born of baby in any family is sign of happiness, these babies are in normal condition, but in Nepal a baby born which attracts the hole world due to its strange look which is totally  different from any normal baby.
You will find some of the cases or images below disturbing in nature. This compilation is not for light-hearted people.

1. Frog like Baby : Anencephaly

In 2006, this bizarre-looking baby was born in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district, attracting a huge number of onlookers to witness the astonishing sight. The neck-less baby with its head almost totally sunk into the upper part of the body and with extraordinarily large eyeballs literally popping out of the eye-sockets, was born to Nir Bahadur Karki and Suntali Karki at the Gaurishnkar Hospital in Charikot.
The baby suffers from a cephalic disorder called Anencephaly that results from a neural tube defect that occurs when the cephalic (head) end of the neural tube fails to close. Children born with this condition lack the forebrain which is responsible for cognition i.e thinking. The remaining brain tissue is often exposed—not covered by bone or skin. There is no cure or standard treatment for anencephaly and the prognosis for patients is poor. Most anencephalic babies do not survive birth, accounting for 55% of non-aborted cases. If the infant is not stillborn, then he or she will usually die within a few hours or days after birth from cardiorespiratory arrest.

2. Two Faced Baby : Diprosopus

Lali was born with two noses, two pairs of lips and two pairs of eyes – but only two ears. And while she may seem like an oddity to some, her proud parents think she is simply a God reincarnated. Her parents, Vinod and Susham Singh from a village called Saini, said their little girl was “a gift from God”.
The girl is born with Diprosopus or Craniofacial Duplicatiopn – an extremely rare congenital disorder whereby part or all of the face is duplicated on the head as compared to polycephaly in which a baby might be born with two heads, in which one head is a left over of his undeveloped twin.
Doctors who delivered the baby said she appeared to be in good health, and is leading a normal life with no breathing difficulties. They were initially uncertain whether the baby would have normal functions but say so far she is “doing well” and eating from both of her two mouths. She also opens and shuts all four eyes at the same time.

3. One Eyed Baby : Cyclopia

The baby born in Nigeria suffers from Cyclopia (also cyclocephaly or synophthalmia) – a rare birth defect characterized by failure of embryonic forebrain to divide into two orbital cavities for the eyeballs resulting in one eye. Typically the face lacks a functional nose. The cause being related to certain toxins and high doses of anticancer therapy

4. Tiger Stripped Baby : Harlequin-type ichthyosis

A weird baby is born in Gilgit, Pakistan, this March’ 2010. The baby had a skin disorder whose first case was registered back in 1700s. The baby was kept in ICU after his birth because of his weak and dreadful condition and the parents of the baby have been declared healthy. Soon after the birth of the alien baby, the huge mass of people gathered at the hospital to see the strange child and which astonished the people. Baby had red stripes all over his body exactly like a tiger and had blood red eyes similar to aliens from a sci-fi ALIEN based movie. According to the doctor, there are only 10 percent chances that the baby would survive as the skin disease he is diagnosed with (Harlequin-type ichthyosis) makes him more sensitive towards bacteria to enter his body. This kind of disease is very rare and not been reported since 1700 but now it has captured the interest of people and astounded them to a great extent.
Harlequin-type ichthyosis, a skin disease, is the most severe form of congenital ichthyosis, characterized by a thickening of the keratin layer in fetal human skin. In sufferers of the disease, the skin contains massive, diamond-shaped scales, and tends to have a reddish color. In addition, the eyes, ears, mouth, and other appendages may be abnormally contracted. The scaly keratin greatly limits the child’s movement. Because the skin is cracked where normal skin would fold, it is easily pregnable by bacteria and other contaminants, resulting in serious risk of fatal infection.

5. Two Headed Baby : Craniopagus parasiticus

The nurse holds an Egyptian baby named Manar Maged in a hospital in the city of Banha, north of Cairo. Maged was in a serious but improving condition after the procedure to treat her for craniopagus parasiticus — a problem related to that of conjoined twins linked at the skull.
Craniopagus parasiticus is a medical condition in which a parasitic twin head with an undeveloped (or underdeveloped) body is attached to the head of a developed twin. There have only been ten documented cases of this phenomenon, though to-date there have been at least eighty separate cases of this phenomenon written about in various records. Only three ever have been documented by modern medicine to have survived birth.

6. Outside Heart Baby : Ectopia Cordis

This baby reported in 2009 has a heart located outside his body. He has the birth defect Ectopia cordis in which the heart is abnormally located. In the most common form, the heart protrudes outside the chest through a split sternum. Less often the heart may be situated in the abdominal cavity or neck.
The babies with this condtion have usually a good chance of survival since heart can be repositioned to the appropriate location when surgery conditions are suitable

7. Baby with multiple Limbs : Polymelia

Polymelia  is a birth defect involving limbs, in which the affected individual has more than the usual number of limbs. In humans and most land-dwelling animals, this means having five or more limbs. The extra limb is most commonly shrunken and/or deformed. Lakshmi was a child born in India, she is accepted as Hindu Goddess in India having multiple limbs.
The causes may be several. Sometimes an embryo starts as conjoined twins, but one twin degenerated completely except for one or more limbs, which end up attached to the other twin. Sometimes small extra legs between the normal legs are caused by the body axis forking.

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Friday, 14 February 2014

15 Unbelievable Man Made Creations

1. This piece of art by Dale Chihuly

2. The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Shinjuku

3. The Helix Bridge in Singapore

4. A digital aurora borealis called “The Place” in China

 5. These steps in Bockenheim, Frankfurt

6. The Palm Jumeirah

7. This West Hollywood subway

8. The Atomium in Brussels

9. This escalator inside the Atomium

10. EXPO station in Singapore

11. This thing. What is this thing?

12. The Panopticon Sculptures in the mountains near Burnely, Lancashire

13. The National Museum of the Republic in Brazil

14. Victoria Centre, Belfast

15. And finally, the oldest and most classic example: Easter Island

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Monday, 10 February 2014


WhatsApp 10 Year Subscription for BlackBerry, Android and Etc
If you have a BlackBerry and WhatsApp, you noticed that WhatsApp only gives you a year worth of service for free, while if you have the Android version or iPhone version, you just pay a one time fee and it’s yours. Unless if you get lucky and got it for free for a limited time for the holiday. However, the competition is fierce these days, especially when ChatOn by Samsung will be available for the BlackBerry. What if Samsung gives ChatOn for free for BlackBerry users? I’ll show you how to get 10 years worth of subscription on your BlackBerry for WhatsApp by using the same number you registered before.
So how do you Whatsapp 10 year worth of subscription? What it requires and why it works? You need the latest WhatsApp version for your BlackBerry by going to This is actually a bug, maybe a temporary bug from WhatsApp server, but I’ve tried this within a week and I got the same positive result. For now, I’ve tested on a few BlackBerry, Bold 9100, Torch 9800 and Pearl 9105. I will soon test it on Dakota and Bellagio. What it require is that you might need an assistance from one of your family member or friend who has either an iPhone or Android phone. Kindle Fire will not work with WhatsApp.

Requirements before Step 1: Latest WhatsApp on your BlackBerry. Borrow an iPhone or Android with WhatsApp installed

Step 1. How is this going to work is that you use the iPhone or Android to register your existing BlackBerry phone number onto the iPhone or Android. Register your BlackBerry number on to the iPhone or Android.
Step 2. On your BlackBerry, you will receive an sms code to register WhatsApp on the iPhone or Android. You use that code to verify WhatsApp on the iPhone or Android. Don’t worry, this is just for temporary.
Step 3. Now Open WhatsApp on your BlackBerry by clicking on the BlackBerry icon button and select Settings. Click on the BlackBerry icon button again while in Settings and click on Change Phone Number. Enter in your BlackBerry phone number and let it do it’s verification. After verification is done, click on the BlackBerry button and go to Account Info and Expiration year will be 2022.

That’s pretty much it, so all you have done is spoofed WhatsApp with another phone such as Android or iPhone and then re-register your BlackBerry number on the BlackBerry to get or extend WhatsApp subscription to 10 years for free. WhatsApp gives 10 years to new users for Android user and a lifetime for iPhone users. Previous users for BlackBerry and Android only get a year of trial, unless if you are a new user to WhatsApp, then you will automatically get up to 2021, if you register the latest August of 2011.

This only works only on the BlackBerry since it has service expiration date, and it might work on other devices that has expiration date for WhatsApp.

 If verification fails after 9 times, it will time out. This is only in resulting if your WhatsApp is not the latest version for your BlackBerry. You should delete the WhatsApp on your BlackBerry and download the latest from

1. Register your BlackBerry number onto the WhatsApp on the iPhone or Android
2. Enter the 3 Digit SMS Code that is sent to your BlackBerry and enter it in on WhatsApp for iPhone or Android
3. Re-Register your BlackBerry number in WhatsApp on your BlackBerry and from there you should get 10 years.

Update: For those who wants to trick Whatsapp with an Android Device, you would have to delete Whatsapp app on your Android device and re-install it with the BlackBerry number. All your Chat History will be gone. It’s more tedious with an Android Phone. With the iPhone, chat history will not be deleted and there is no need to uninstall Whatsapp to change number.
Tested and so far works on: Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.
Anybody can do this for you remotely, all they have to do is do the following below:
Send your Number to the person who has iPhone or Android to help you out. Then have him/her register your number with their iPhone or Android and tell him/her the SMS you received since he/she is using your number to activate Whatsapp. After he/entering your number, he/she needs to log out by registering his/her original number. Then you need to re-register Whatsapp on your Phone and you’ll get the 10 years service on Android, BlackBerry, Symbian or Windows Phone.

Hijack & Hack WhatsApp In Easy Steps

If you want to hijack someone else’s Whatsapp and receive messages addressed to that person with your iPhone, read on. (You don’t have an iPhone? see bottom)When you install Whatsapp on your iPhone, the Whatsapp application makes contact with the Whatsapp servers, and the Whatsapp servers will send you a verification sms with a code in it. Straight from that point a counter will start counting in the Whatsapp application. Within this time Whatsapp expects you to receive your verification SMS. If this period expires Whatsapp offers you several other authentication methods. 

Here you choose for the option “SMS”. And you will have to fill in your email adress: 

Your Phone will now start sending an SMS to the whatsapp servers for verification. You can cancel this, as it is not necessary.
What you’re going to do next is called SMS-spoofing. You can do this via many sites on the web. Choose one, and make up your fake SMS as shown in the picture below:

To: +447900347295
From: +(Country code)(mobile number)
Message: (your email address)
That’s all! Within minutes you will receive the activation code in your email to activate whatsapp on your iPhone with someone else’s Telephone number, and from that moment on you will receive message’s addressed to that person on your iPhone.

The only way for Whatsapp to solve this issue is sending the verification SMS from their own servers and no other way.

If you have anything other than an iPhone your also able to Hijack someone else’s Whatsapp. It’s even easier for you.
All other systems will start sending an SMS verification immediately from your own mobile phone! So you disconnect your mobile phone, try to send the verification sms, which is impossible since you disconnected it. Check your outbox. There you will see the verification sms. Copy that whole sms to a website where you can spoof SMS. State the FROM field as the person’s Whatsapp you want to hijack, and fill in your own mobile number in the TO field.
Thats it.