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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Google My Client Centre

                                     My Client Centre


A My Client Center (MCC) Account is  an  account which Google provides to businesses and organizations that manage multiple Google Adwords accounts. An MCC account gives you one place to go where you can easily open, track, and work with multiple AdWords accounts

Common scenarios when MCC is useful

You already have multiple AdWords accounts.
You are an AdWords manager with multiple clients.
You are a search marketing agency. (Kind of the same as #1?)
You need to set up hundreds of campaigns (ex: targeting hundreds of different towns for example). Due to the 50 campaigns per account limit, you may need more than one account.
You or your client  need separate invoicing for different projects, and therefore needs multiple accounts, each of the campaigns within the account.

You have a client who has multiple accounts – In this case, you’d be linking an MCC within an MCC.

Two things to remember

You Can’t Upgrade Current AdWords Accounts to MCC Accounts
You can’t simply upgrade an old AdWords account into a MCC—you have to create a totally new Google account that you will use to create the MCC account. This means, you have to have a “spare” email account that is not associated with an AdWords account
One MMC Account Manages Other MCC Accounts
This is extremely handy when you take on a client that already has an MCC account.